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By the way , if you’re over age 35 or so or if you’re one of those married guys or guys with serious girlfriends trying to convert to open relationships, paying attention to your fashion goes DOUBLE for you and you really need this book. You fuckers are the worst offenders by far, just like I was when I was married. It’s very difficult to stay motivated to look good and dress cool attractively on a regular basis when you’ve got little wifey at home regardless of how bad you look.

Consultation and Trial – If you’re having your hair done at a salon it’s a good idea to visit the stylist beforehand for a consultation and/or a trial. Consultations are generally free; the stylist will sit with you, look at photos, discuss your ideas, and share their thoughts on what would look good and be workable on your hair type and face shape. A trial is an appointment where the stylist actually does your hair to see if your plans are what you actually want. The trial appointment is not free, but well worth it to avoid any potential prom day hair disasters.

In my case I ended up specialising in photographing hair. Over the years I have been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest names in the hairdressing business and have gained a thorough appreciation of what works in front of the camera and what doesn’t. This experience gives me the ability to direct hairdressers on a shoot and guide them to produce the best possible looks. Then there is also the knowledge of how to choose a makeup artist and clothes stylist and assemble a creative team. These are all important steps in coordinating a successful shoot.

As a hobby, and it grew slowly but surely thanks to links from bigger bloggers and exclusives (for example, I would go to the Baby Phat show and take video of the final walk and no other bloggers had that content, so they sourced me). I focused on women of color because I am one; I enjoy seeing and writing about people who look like me. And I noticed that many mainstream fashion publications tend to gloss over stars that are a big deal in the African American community (take Nia Long or Gabrielle Union), so I decided to create a space where women of color come first.

Sure. Fashion is a big part of the African-American and multicultural experience. The Fashion Bomb is a space to showcase the trendsetters, designers, and taste-makers that might get overlooked on a general fashion website. We’ve triumphed because stars like Beyonce and Rihanna are considered ‘cross over.’ And we document the style of celebs like Nicki Minaj, for example, before they become global superstars. You ascribe your site as the number one destination for urban fashion. Can you quantify that? How do you use social media, and what role does it play in your blogging life?

As much as we may despise it, we are always judged by the way we look. Especially in a short job interview based on first impressions, there’s no way getting around a judgment based on your appearance. That’s why it’s especially important to plan what to wear prior to the date of the interview or to pick out one fabulous outfit to wear to every interview. Whether you choose a formal suit, a classic pencil skirt, or even a tailored dress, make sure you wear your best so that your look is conservative and polished.

With the integration of casual dress into the workplace, different offices have completely different styles and dress codes. The days of just wearing a suit and nice blouse are long gone as many offices have done away with the strict enforcement of business professional attire, blurring the lines for appropriate work attire. So if your workplace is more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of place, wearing nice trousers and a jacket every day would definitely be overkill. If your office is more relaxed when it comes to dress, feel free to tone down your wardrobe by incorporating business attire with more casual garb.

The most important piece is a black suit for both men and women. Whether you will be working in a conservative environment or a more creative work culture, a black suit for an interview is always appropriate. Another must have piece is white button down shirt. You can wear it under your suit for the interview and if you have a business casual workplace you can u pair it with a skirt or pants without the jacket. What should you wear on a job interview? One for a creative corporate job, one for a straight corporate job and one for a freelance/indie type job.

Job seekers have to remember that a job interview is their opportunity to make an amazing first impression. Whether it’s an indie job or a corporate role, you can never go wrong with a classic suit which will convey professionalism and a polished image. It’s much easier to transition to a style that is more laid-back if you discover that the environment is less formal. However, once a potential employer views a candidate as less than professional or too laid back, it reduces their chances of getting hired – particularly in today’s highly competitive marketplace. If the environment is more creative, let your work demonstrate your creativity.